50 Innovative Tech Gadgets and Accessories to Sell Online on ecommerce website

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50 Innovative Tech Gadgets and Accessories to Sell Online

50 Innovative Tech Gadgets and Accessories to Sell Online

50 Innovative Tech Gadgets and Accessories to Sell Online


The world of technology is ever-evolving, with new gadgets and accessories continuously entering the market. As an e-commerce entrepreneur, tapping into this dynamic industry can be highly profitable. Here are 50 innovative tech gadgets and accessories to consider selling online, each paired with a live example to inspire you.


1. Wireless Earbuds:

   Offer high-quality wireless earbuds with noise-canceling features.

   - Example: [boAt](https://www.boat-lifestyle.com/)


2. Smartphone Cases:

   Provide stylish and protective cases for various smartphone models.

   - Example: [Casetify](https://www.casetify.com/)


3. Portable Chargers:

   Sell compact and powerful portable chargers for smartphones and tablets.

   - Example: [Anker](https://www.anker.com/)


4. Fitness Trackers:

   Offer wearable fitness trackers that monitor steps, heart rate, and more.

   - Example: [Fitbit](https://www.fitbit.com/)


5. Smart Home Devices:

   Sell devices like smart plugs, lights, and cameras for home automation.

   - Example: [Google Nest](https://store.google.com/)


6. VR Headsets:

   Provide virtual reality headsets for immersive gaming and experiences.

   - Example: [Oculus](https://www.oculus.com/)


7. Bluetooth Speakers:

   Offer portable Bluetooth speakers with premium sound quality.

   - Example: [JBL](https://www.jbl.com/)


8. Smartwatches:

   Sell smartwatches that offer health monitoring and smartphone connectivity.

   - Example: [Apple Watch](https://www.apple.com/watch/)


9. Wireless Charging Pads:

   Provide wireless charging pads compatible with various devices.

   - Example: [Belkin](https://www.belkin.com/)


10. Gaming Keyboards and Mice:

    Offer high-performance gaming keyboards and mice with RGB lighting.

    - Example: [Razer](https://www.razer.com/)


11. Drones:

    Sell drones for photography, videography, and recreational use.

    - Example: [DJI](https://www.dji.com/)


12. Smart Thermostats:

    Provide smart thermostats for energy-efficient home temperature control.

    - Example: [Ecobee](https://www.ecobee.com/)


13. Action Cameras:

    Offer compact action cameras for capturing outdoor adventures.

    - Example: [GoPro](https://www.gopro.com/)


14. Bluetooth Headphones:

    Sell over-ear and on-ear Bluetooth headphones with superior sound quality.

    - Example: [Sony](https://www.sony.com/)


15. Gaming Consoles:

    Provide popular gaming consoles and accessories.

    - Example: [PlayStation](https://www.playstation.com/)


16. USB-C Accessories:

    Offer a range of USB-C hubs, adapters, and cables.

    - Example: [Anker](https://www.anker.com/)


17. Robot Vacuum Cleaners:

    Sell robot vacuum cleaners for automated home cleaning.

    - Example: [iRobot](https://www.irobot.com/)


18. Smart Lighting Systems:

    Provide smart bulbs and lighting systems that can be controlled via smartphone.

    - Example: [Philips Hue](https://www.philips-hue.com/)


19. Fitness Smart Scales:

    Offer smart scales that track weight, BMI, and body composition.

    - Example: [Withings](https://www.withings.com/)


20. E-readers:

    Sell e-readers for avid readers looking for digital convenience.

    - Example: [Amazon Kindle](https://www.amazon.com/kindle)


21. Wireless Security Cameras:

    Provide wireless security cameras with motion detection and cloud storage.

    - Example: [Arlo](https://www.arlo.com/)


22. Portable Projectors:

    Offer compact portable projectors for home entertainment and presentations.

    - Example: [ViewSonic](https://www.viewsonic.com/)


23. Smart Door Locks:

    Provide smart locks for keyless entry and remote access control.

    - Example: [August](https://august.com/)


24. Wireless Gaming Headsets:

    Sell wireless gaming headsets for immersive gaming audio.

    - Example: [SteelSeries](https://steelseries.com/)


25. Electric Scooters:

    Offer electric scooters for eco-friendly urban commuting.

    - Example: [Segway](https://www.segway.com/)


26. Smart Water Bottles:

    Provide water bottles that track hydration levels and sync with smartphones.

    - Example: [HidrateSpark](https://hidratespark.com/)


27. Wireless Earbuds with Translation:

    Offer wireless earbuds that provide real-time language translation.

    - Example: [Timekettle](https://www.timekettle.co/)


28. Mini Projectors:

    Sell mini projectors for portable entertainment and business presentations.

    - Example: [AAXA](https://www.aaxatech.com/)


29. Smart Mirrors:

    Provide mirrors that display weather, news, and health metrics.

    - Example: [HiMirror](https://www.himirror.com/)


30. Car Gadgets:

    Offer gadgets for cars such as dash cams, Bluetooth car kits, and GPS trackers.

    - Example: [Garmin](https://www.garmin.com/)


31. Home Theater Systems:

    Sell home theater systems for immersive audiovisual experiences.

    - Example: [Bose](https://www.bose.com/)


32. Smart Watches for Kids:

    Provide smartwatches designed for children with GPS tracking and parental controls.

    - Example: [TickTalk](https://www.myticktalk.com/)


33. Bluetooth Bike Locks:

    Offer smart bike locks that unlock via smartphone and provide theft alerts.

    - Example: [Linka](https://www.linkalock.com/)


34. Health Monitoring Devices:

    Provide devices that monitor health metrics like blood pressure and glucose levels.

    - Example: [Omron Healthcare](https://www.omronhealthcare.com/)


35. AI-Powered Security Cameras:

    Sell security cameras with AI features like facial recognition and object detection.

    - Example: [Nest Cam](https://store.google.com/)


36. Smart Pet Feeders:

    Offer automated pet feeders that dispense food remotely via smartphone.

    - Example: [Petnet](https://petnet.io/)


37. Wireless Charging Backpacks:

    Provide backpacks with built-in wireless charging capabilities for smartphones.

    - Example: [Moshi](https://www.moshi.com/)


38. Smart Refrigerators:

    Sell refrigerators with touchscreen displays, Wi-Fi connectivity, and food management features.

    - Example: [Samsung Family Hub](https://www.samsung.com/)


39. Smart Garden Systems:

    Offer indoor smart gardens for growing herbs and vegetables.

    - Example: [Click & Grow](https://www.clickandgrow.com/)


40. Solar-Powered Gadgets:

    Provide gadgets and accessories powered by solar energy.

    - Example: [Goal Zero](https://www.goalzero.com/)


41. Digital Notebooks:

    Sell digital notebooks that sync handwritten notes to cloud storage.

    - Example: [Rocketbook](https://getrocketbook.com/)


42. Smart Water Filters:

    Offer water filters that connect to Wi-Fi for monitoring water quality.

    - Example: [Brita Infinity](https://www.brita.com/)


43. Portable Oxygen Concentrators:

    Provide portable oxygen concentrators for medical and travel use.

    - Example: [Philips Respironics](https://www.usa.philips.com/)


44. Smart Kitchen Appliances:

    Sell kitchen appliances like smart ovens, coffee makers, and refrigerators.

    - Example: [LG ThinQ](https://www.lg.com/)


45. Smart Glasses:

    Offer augmented reality (AR) glasses for gaming and professional applications.

    - Example: [North Focals](https://www.bynorth.com/)


46. 3D Printers:

    Provide 3D printers for hobbyists, designers, and educators.

    - Example: [Prusa Research](https://www.prusa3d.com/)


47. WiFi Range Extenders:

    Sell devices that extend Wi-Fi coverage in homes and offices.

    - Example: [TP-Link](https://www.tp-link.com/)


48. Smart Bike Helmets:

    Offer helmets with integrated Bluetooth, LED lights, and safety features.

    - Example: [Lumos Helmet](https://www.lumoshelmet.co/)


49. Smart Air Purifiers:

    Provide air purifiers with Wi-Fi connectivity and air quality sensors.

    - Example: [Dyson Pure](https://www.dyson.com/)


50. Robot Lawn Mowers:

    Sell robotic lawn mowers that automate lawn maintenance tasks.

    - Example: [Husqvarna Automower](https://www.husqvarna.com/)


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